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Kadewere Triumphs in PSU elections
April 19, 2021, Hazviperi Mbizi
Kadewere Triumphs in PSU elections

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Needy Students Breathe a Sigh of Relief

News   Hazviperi Mbizi   March 30, 2021
PIC: Some of the students after collecting their gadgets
Fruits of the Buy a Gadget Campaign are now being seen as needy students at the Polytechnic have started receiving free Internet accessible Tablets in fulfilment of the campaign’s objectives.

Since its launch, organizations, companies and individuals have been showing support by donating cash which is now at the excess of K10Million while others have donated gadgets like Tablets, Solar Power Banks and Laptops.

One of the needy students Eric Abraham, has commended the Polytechnic Management for introducing this initiative which he says will help those who could not access online classes to do so.

In addition, his colleague Chimwemwe Matias thanked those who have contributed, and also pleaded with those who have not yet contributed to do since this will enable needy students ease their problem of online learning.

There are 1500 needy students who need to be provided with internet accessible gadgets for Emergency Remote Teaching and Learning.

Those who wish to make contributions by donating whether gadgets or cash can visit the Principal or the Dean of Students at the Polytechnic, or call 0999 80 80 89.

Monetary contributions can be sent to Airtel Money account; ThePoly, or Mpamba account CODE; 600504 or FDH Bank account number; 104000072357



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