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The Design Studio equips MUBAS Lecturers with knowledge and skills for effective delivery of curriculum.
December 20, 2023, Peter Bwanali
The Design Studio equips MUBAS Lecturers with knowledge and skills for effective delivery of curriculum.

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Selecting a degree program

Article   Hazviperi Mbizi   September 17, 2019
PIC: Sarah Khudze
A Polytechnic Computing and Technology Associate lecturer Sarah Khudze has engaged in career guidance and talks about how one can choose programs at Polytechnic based on the grades one has scored.

Khudze said that she has decided to do this through a radio program because she has noticed that many school leavers do not really know what or which programs they can pursue in college.

In this regard, she will be on Blantyre Synod radio on Thursday, September 19 at 1;30 pm and also on Friday, September 20 inside “Loto Langa” program.

In addition, she shared knowledge as follows.

Tips when choosing a Bachelor's Degree program at the Polytechnic 

Firstly, I understand that we all have some careers in our hearts that we have always desired to pursue. But sometimes we are limited depending on how we have performed on MSCE. We might wish to pursue engineering programs but our performance may not allow us to do so. For this reason be flexible to apply for a program that fits well with your scores or grades

1. Analyze the scores you have gotten in the best six subjects. How many sciences have you scored well? How many humanities have you scored well? This will give you guidance on what exactly to apply.

2. Go through the programs that fit well with how you have scored. If sciences,  go through them and understand what they involve, the same with humanities. For example, read about that program or ask anyone you know that studied it for you to have a picture of what is all about

3. Do not be over ambitious when selecting the programs. As I have said, look for programs that fit well with your performance. This will increase your chances of being selected. This is your first degree. You may choose to master the field you have always wanted in the next level e.g. Masters

4. Always remember that there is someone who has scored higher than you and is also applying for the same program. E.g. you have 20pts and another 9pts and is also applying for Engineering. So be mindful when selecting programs. Such programs are very competitive

5. Check the number of students required for each program as indicated on the form. Some programs will only have 10 students to be enrolled.

A. Applied Sciences

 It is a discipline of science that applies existing scientific knowledge to develop more practical applications, like technology or inventions. You may think of IT, Education (Mathematical Sciences-where you will also have the chance to go deep with Mathematics and Statistics), Environmental science and health.

Note: Even if you did not study computer in secondary you can still apply for IT or any other IT related program

B. Built Environment

You will be equipped with skills in construction, designing buildings and anything to do with construction. (Recommended: not more than 4pts in science subjects)

C. Education and Media Studies

Media studies degree helps you to develop skills in the following areas: critical analysis, research, commercial and cultural awareness of the media and creative industries, teamwork, initiation and development of creative work in writing, audiovisual or other electronic media.

For those who would like to study journalism make sure you scored well in languages and have a pass (recommended: 4/5) in Mathematics.

D. Engineering 

Anything under this faculty requires one to have strong grades in science subjects. 

FREE Advice: Do not apply for any program under this faculty if you have a 5/6 in science subjects. 

E. Commerce

You will have the chance to study anything to do with business and management e.g. Business Administration. You can also pursue studies in Tourism. If you would like to study Accounting, at least have a max of 3pts in Mathematics.


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