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UNIMA to plant trees
February 12, 2019, Hazviperi Mbizi
UNIMA to plant trees

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Stakeholders plan for ODEL symposium

News   Hazviperi Mbizi   March 16, 2020
PIC: Delegates at the meeting
Strengthening Higher Education Access in Malawi Activity (SHEAMA) in collaboration with various Universities and colleges in Malawi, conducted an Open Distance for E-Learning (ODeL) symposium planning meeting at Kambiri Lodge in Salima.

The meeting’s main objective was to come up with themes, activities, program, roles and responsibilities in readiness for the symposium which is proposed to take place in June at the Bingu International Conference Centre.

The meeting took place from February 27th to 28th and was led by Dr Joshua Valeta.

Speaking before the commencement of the meeting the Chief of Party of SHEAMA Dr Zikani Kaunda, explained that SHEAMA’s aim is to increase access in higher education with the support from the Arizona State University, USAID and Universities in Malawi like Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural resources, Mzuzu University, Malawi University for Science and Technology, Chancellor College and the Polytechnic.

“This could be achieved by providing skills to the vulnerable, the youth and those who did not have the chance to go to the Universities the normal way by acquiring high learning through ODeL,” he said.

Dr Kaunda further stressed that ODel programs targets the disadvantaged, community day secondary schools, rural settlers and those who cannot access tertiary education because of various reasons like geographical, among others.

The Polytechnic being one of the institutions which is in the process of opening ODeL later this year was represented by the ODeL Coordinator, Dr Rabson Mgawi, Dr Andrew Chimpololo, Ellard Manjawira and Hazviperi Mbizi

Highlighting on when the ODeL classes will commence, Dr Mgawi explained that the institution is critically analysing all necessary measures like learning materials, ICT systems and other procedures which needs to be fully operational so that students should not have any challenges once they begin the academic year.

He assured the prospective students that once everything has been finalized, all selected students will be informed using the right channels.

At the end of the meeting sub committees were selected to plan for various roles like, publicity, protocol, research logistics and many more.


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